International child abduction rips children from their lives, taking them to a foreign land and alienating them from a left behind parent. Every year, there are about 400 cases of child abduction by one of the parents. Two thirds of these cases relate to actual kidnapping, the rest are preventive cases. During a first meeting, we inform our clients about the options available to them. If necessary, we can contact agencies that can provide assistance.

International parental child abduction
International parental child abduction is when one of the parents transfers the child to another country, without the consent of the other parent, and with the intent not to bring the child back. This means that there is a distinction between international parental child abduction and a holiday abroad taken without the express consent of the other parent.

Preventing parental alienation
In cases of parental child abduction, proceedings have to be launched for repatriation. It is of great importance that the child regains contact as soon as possible with the parent left behind. It often happens that the parent abductor tries to alienate the child from the other parent. This can lead to parental alienation syndrome.

Ensure continuity
In international parental child abduction, it is important that the life of the child in the homeland is not interrupted, so that their schooling and other activities are not compromised. 

Wide network of help
Keyser attorneys has a wide network of contacts who can help in finding a missing child, and his or her repatriation. If the situation permits it, we always try to negotiate an amicable settlement with both parents during repatriation.

Preventive actions
When there is an imminent risk of international parental child abduction, preventive measures can be taken. We can bring the matter before the family court, with an application to order a ban on leaving the country with the minor.

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