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Julie Borms

Julie Borms


During the course of her career, Julie Borms has acquired a unique expertise in family law and family property law. After obtaining her law degree, she immersed herself in a number of supplementary courses, thanks to which she is able to assist her clients in cases of the greatest complexity. Julie Borms handles divorces, parentage issues and inheritance matters in both domestic and international situations. She always puts her clients’ interests first, with the overall aim of arriving at the solution that is best suited to their specific needs.

‘In order to achieve a positive result, I make sure that I take enough time to speak with my clients. I listen to their complaints, after which we draw up an appropriate plan of action together. You can only achieve the best results if your client has confidence in his or her professional relationship with you and feels adequately supported.

My clients are often involved in turbulent family affairs and in considerable emotional distress. This is why it is necessary to offer them adequate support in this difficult period and to restore calm wherever possible. That is why I think accessibility is so important. My clients know that they can always reach me when they need advice, even outside of office hours.

I am convinced that there are two things that my clients want: solid legal advice and an accessible contact. My clients are usually wealthy individuals, bankers, doctors or entrepreneurs. It is important that they can contact me when it suits them.

Moreover, my clients will only benefit from realistic advice. They expect clarity. Based on my many years of experience, I advise them on their rights and obligations and point out the possible outcome of legal proceedings, and so forth. I offer possible solutions, suggest recommendations and point out the various options available to them.

As a lawyer, it is my job to ensure that my clients are able to make a well-considered decision. Incidentally, it is entirely up to them to decide how we will proceed. It is not up to me to make ethical judgements in this respect.’

Julie Borms is a member of the Bar of the Province of Antwerp.

Mediating an litigation
allow me to follow my passion
for the law

Julie Borms

“In terms of quality, Keyser attorneys sets the bar a the highest standard,” says Julie Borms.

Throughout her career at the bar Julie has developed a passion for family law and family property law “Mediating and litigating allows me to follow my passion for family law and make a difference in the lives of our clients.”



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