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and family property law

Keyser advocaten is a law firm specialised in family and family estate law. In regard of this, we handle cases relating to divorce and alimony, as well as inheritance and parentage issues (among others).

Keyser advocaten aims, above all, to provide its clients with support during negotiations or during a course of mediation, offering the necessary assistance either behind the scenes or more prominently. Arriving at a solution that restores harmony to a family in conflict is our absolute priority.

If a solution based on negotiation proves impossible, we collaborate closely with our client throughout the procedure with a view to achieving the best possible outcome.
Thanks to our vast network, which extends beyond the boundaries of our own country, we can provide specialised and sound advice for even the most complex cases. Our many years of practical experience enable us to provide our clients with creative and efficient solutions.

Keyser advocaten acts on behalf of parties such as high-net-worth individuals, entrepreneurs and physicians, in which discretion is always of paramount importance. We take all the time needed for meetings with our client, who can rely on being received in an atmosphere of serenity and comfort in the privacy of our offices in Antwerp.

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Apart from the emotional factor, a divorce also has financial and fiscal repercussions for both spouses. This is why it is of crucial importance that both parties have a clear understanding of the consequences of a divorce before embarking on the proceedings. We defend the rights of our clients to financial and family security in the wake of a divorce.
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Painful conflicts often evolve on account of discussion concerning the inheritance of a deceased family member. If an agreement cannot be reached amicably concerning the distribution of an estate, you can seek justice through mediation or by instigating legal proceedings. We will be happy to assist you in this.
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Surrogate motherhood

In the absence of a legal framework, prospective parents and surrogate mothers must rely on the existing laws on parentage and adoption, as well as contract and criminal law. Surrogacy is a complex matter, in regard of which we, as specialised lawyers, can contribute added value to all parties involved.
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Property law

Succession and estate planning, prenuptial planning and wealth management use a proactive approach. In close collaboration with the wealth and tax advisers, Keyser lawyers will work to create a precise plan that is aimed at protecting our clients.
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“We take all the time needed to get to know our clients as well as the counterparties in their cases”

– Julie Borms, partner


Juridisch advies

Legal Advice

In the first place, Keyser advocaten provides advice during negotiations or a mediation procedure, whether by operating behind the scenes or by taking on a more prominent role. Arriving at a solution that restores harmony to a family conflict is always our foremost priority. Discretie en flexibiliteit staan daarbij voorop.
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Legal assistence during mediation

A mediator focuses on the collective interests of the parties, while a lawyer looks after a client’s individual interests. Specialized advice ensures that the mediation process is optimized and an agreement is reached that works for all parties.
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Legal assistance in court proceedings

Keyser advocaten is happy to be of assistance to its clients during such proceedings when negotiations are no longer useful, or when proceedings have been initiated by a counterparty. All this in the context of family law and family property law.
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Our lawyers

The many years of expertise of Keyser's lawyers allow them to provide creative solutions. Our lawyers always put the interests of the client first and work in a serene, discreet and professional manner. Meet our team.
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our lawyers

Our mission is to arrive at a suitable solution that takes the personal needs and interests of our clients into account.

We aim to relieve our clients of their concerns to the greatest extent possible, and to offer them services that exceed their expectations.



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