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Regarding inheritance planning or estate planning, the structural review and planning of the clients’ global assets is of the essence. Based on this knowledge, we arrive at a single integrated plan aimed at creating peace of mind and protection for our clients. This is realised through close collaboration with the various existing financial and tax advisors of our clients. Against the background of our international experience, we offer a broad network of tax and legal experts.


We always propose a proactive approach when considering transference to the next generation. Regarding inheritance planning, there are two possibilities. The inheritance can be discussed with the surviving relatives before the testator’s death, and perhaps even an agreement reached at that time. An alternative is that the planning can remain a private matter for the testator, with the heirs having little or no involvement in the matter.

We begin by listening to the specific objectives and wishes of our clients, after which your family and financial situation can be delineated. Based on wishes and objectives, we present various options to the client involving an integrated plan studied from the perspective of international family and tax law.
In drawing up this integrated plan, we pay particular attention to marital and property law, inheritance and gift tax, the use and transfer of your family business and the elaboration of control structures.


If you have any questions about international relationships and international divorces, or would like a consultation with lawyers specialising in international relationships and international marriages, please contact our law firm in Antwerp.

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