Prenuptial planning

Keyser provides premarital advice for wealthy individuals and entrepreneurs. During prenuptial planning, we advise parties of the various options with which they can make a commitment of marriage. After all, the choices made before marriage will determine financial consequences both during the marriage and at the time of a possible divorce.

After all, the choice made prior to the marriage will determine both the financial consequences during the marriage and at the time of a possible divorce.

Every case is unique

This applies particularly for relationships in which there is an international component. One of the first choices that must be made in this context is the applicable law under which the different legal systems are compared. Then, parties must choose between a system of separation of goods whereby a distinction is made between pure or limited separation or a system of general or limited community. Once matters of content have been settled, it is important that a tax assessment be applied to the draft of the contract.

During the application of the above theoretical principles, a diplomatic approach is almost as important as the content itself. Experience has shown that the contents of the marriage contract can be a particularly sensitive issue in negotiations between the prospective spouses. Therefore, it is important that sufficient attention be paid to the perceptions and concerns of each party so that a balanced compromise can be achieved. Correct guidance and personal explanations ensure greater support for the content on both sides.


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