Legal Advice

Keyser advocaten is a law firm with many years of experience in negotiatings and conducting proceedings within the context of family law and family property law.

This expertise enables Keyser advocaten to provide its clients with specialised advice.

In the first place, Keyser advocaten provides advice during negotiations or a mediation procedure, whether by operating behind the scenes or by taking on a more prominent role. Arriving at a solution that restores harmony to a family conflict is always our foremost priority.

If a solution cannot be achieved through negotiation, Keyser advocaten advises its clients on the alternatives available to them in order to achieve the best solution in the context of legal proceedings.

Keyser advocaten understands the importance of obtaining specialist advice on legal matters like no other. We therefore compile a thorough assessment of the situation in which our client finds him or herself before making any decisions. This will enable us to draw up the best possible plan for dealing with the situation at hand. If we are consulted further down the road in a particular conflict, we will advise the client on ways to strengthen his or her position. Keyser advocaten always puts the interests of its clients first and has a firm belief in specialised advice, tailored specifically to the requirements of individual clients.

Keyser advocaten acts on behalf of parties such as high-net-worth individuals, entrepreneurs and physicians. Discretion and flexibility are key elements in our advisory services.

Keyser advocaten always tailors its services specifically to the requirements of its clients. We also leave it entirely up to our clients to decide how they wish to obtain advice from us or meet with us. Clients who are not in the country are facilitated with digital meetings, for example. If a client wishes to meet with us in person, we will organise this in all discretion at our offices or another location chosen by our client.

Keyser advocaten has a vast international network at its disposal that can be engaged for cases requiring international legal expertise. Nevertheless, our clients can always rely on a single point of contact. This ensures that we can work efficiently and that important information is never lost or overlooked.

Julie Borms (partner) explains how we operate: ‘Clients of Keyser advocaten will never receive standardised agreements or advice. You have to look at the specific context behind every family conflict, and this requires an individualised approach. Therefore, we start by listening attentively to our clients and taking all the time needed to discover what is truly important to them. What are the some of the sensitivities in this family? What should we take into consideration, and what is our client’s objective? The relationship of trust between a lawyer and his or her client is of crucial importance in this. Only then will a client feel comfortable enough to unrestrainedly express his or her concerns. To foster such a relationship, we always start by organising an extensive introductory meeting with our clients.’


If you have any questions about international relationships and international divorces, or would like legal advice with lawyers specialising in international relationships and international marriages, please contact our law firm in Antwerp.

We aim to relieve our clients of their concerns to the greatest extent possible, and to offer them services that exceed their expectations.

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