Because of the ever-stronger growing globalisation, Keyser attorneys handles a noticeable increasing amount of international divorces. Destinations like the United States, the United Arab Emirates (including Abu Dhabi and Dubai), Singapore and Hong Kong are very popular expat destinations. In Dubai, for example, nearly 80% of the population is comprised of expats. There are additional issues to consider with expat couples. The strain and stress of moving to another country can be overwhelming. Other problems are social isolation, long working hours combined with extensive travel, and the adjustment to a different country and culture. And when international couples do decide to part, the results are often far more extensive: International battles over child custody, confusion over which country has jurisdiction over the divorce, relocations support – those are very complicated matters. Stay-at-home mums who followed their husband abroad for work often decide to return to the homeland, which means that the children either go with them or remain in the expat country. Sometimes, the parent who fears losing the children commits parental child abduction. In such a case, the support of a qualified lawyer specialised in international family law can make all the difference.

Which road to take to handle an international divorce depends on the attitude of the spouses, where several options can be considered from compromising tot initiating proceedings.  

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