Tempers run high in family matters, with clients going through important and often difficult times in their lives. Being prepared can help you avoid the pitfalls. The decisions you make throughout the divorce should be thought–out and planned. A divorce is an emotionally stressful period, and the parties involved are tempted to be guided by their emotions. Fear, grief and resentment, however, are rarely good counsellors. As family lawyers, we are there to keep an overview guiding you in the right direction en reasoning with you considering your rights under the law. 

Always thinking a step head, our firm provides solutions and services that make all the key difference in client’s lives. Uniquely progressive in Belgium is our divorce planning service. 

Timing and planning
The assistance of a specialised lawyer helps to keep an overview of matters, put things into perspective, and weigh them against the rights and obligations of each party in accordance with the law.

An ideal strategy involves more than expertise and know-how: timing and planning are essential. These two elements are key factors in the decision to apply for a divorce. 

Preparing an exit plan
Within divorce planning, an exit plan is designed beforehand to keep the client one step ahead if the decision to divorce is made. Divorce planning is a perfect example of preparation makes perfect. If you are prepared, the outcome is much more positive.

Together with our clients we set out their goals and determine the roadmap to obtain them.

In order to create clarity we first of all assess the situation. What are your rights and obligations? What options are there? Which paths permit these options?

Then we establish a perspective for the future. We determine the ideal situation for the client after the divorce, taking into account the family life after divorce, the living environment and the financial well-being.

After having established our goals we determine the divorce strategy weighing out all the options from striving for an amicable agreement to obtaining justice in Court. We are with our clients all the way, we are there to guide our clients in the right direction and prevent any miscalculated decisions.

Let us help you

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“Always thinking a step ahead.”